If you have been looking into renting or buying HD porn video lately, then you may have noticed that they are quite expensive compared to their cinema counterpart. For instance, online HD movies sold online range between 15$ and 30$, and if you choose to order them on disc support, then you will have to pay extra fees. And so you could ask yourself, why would I buy an HD movie if I can go watch it on cinema for just around 10$, and maybe even watch hd porn videos at https://pornloop.tv/ in 3D? Well, there are a couple reasons why HD Korean porn videos are so expensive, so let us look into the most important of them:

1. It’s yours forver to keep
If you choose to buy an HD movie, then you can keep and watch it for as many times as you want. You will be able to watch it with your friends or family members for the same amount that you paid initially, and not have to pay extra for each seat like in the cinema.

2. You can watch them on any support
Yes, you will be able to watch them on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone, copy them on your USB stick and so on. There are certain laws which prohibit duplication of hd porn and selling of purchased movies, but you can watch teen porn personally as many times as you want.

3. You will be the owner and sole viewer
Unlike the cinema where the projection costs split to the dozens of viewers in the hall, when you buy an HD title it will be just yours to watch. Same applies when it comes to renting a title, though for a limited period. There will be no one laughing or making weird noises next to you, and this definitely adds to your comfort.
4. There are copyright costs paid by the distributors
And these costs can be quite high nowadays, given the share of the artists, fees imposed by the government and so on. Buying a movie gives you more rights than downloading hd porn videos on http://www.hdpornstarz.com and watch them in the cinema, though you can definitely not share it online with strangers or re-sell it unless you are part of a licensed company.

5. You pay for the front seat
Being able to relax on your couch and eat dinner while watching your favorite movie is a priceless experience that no cinema or culture house can deliver. It’s the highest level of comfort, hence why paying out a bit more will benefit you.
These are the top reasons why buying an HD teen porn videos is so expensive, so take them into account next time you are browsing for some epic titles to watch.